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Strategy and organisational development

It is a rapidly changing time in the voluntary sector, with a radical shift in the role of charities, changed funding arrangements, new expectations of our work and the way we are held to account.

In response, organisations need to have a clear and comprehensive strategy in place.

A strategy is not just the plan on paper: it is the process by which an organisation reaches agreement about the future. It is about people’s work, the culture of your organisation, the way it works and the changes you want to see.

While the tools for strategy are often well known, taking your organisation – staff, trustees, senior leaders and beneficiaries – on the process of articulating your goals, agreeing your priorities, and developing a robust plan, can be a challenging and exciting time.

Our offer

While our consultants are flexible and responsive to the needs of individual clients, our support is most frequently in the following areas:

  • Strategy development – designing and facilitating a strategy process with staff, trustees and stakeholders.
  • Strategic conversations – facilitating conversations with your leadership team, cross-functional groups and board to enhance collaboration and set strategic direction.
  • Organisational strength – reviewing the charity’s strengths, weaknesses and priorities for development through our health check tools.
  • Leadership and management support – developing effective structures and a positive culture that enables staff and leaders to achieve more.
  • Business planning – co-producing clear plans that set specific goals with clear resources, ownership and accountability.
  • Away day and meeting – running meetings and facilitating workshops, including challenging conversations and difficult decisions.
  • Coaching and mentoring – supporting senior leaders and trustees in taking their charity through a strategy or change process.

Our consultants can offer advice on what support will be most effective for you – whether consultancy, training or resources. For more information on how we can help, get in touch.

Our approach

  • Participatory – Our approach is people driven and focuses on including staff, leaders and stakeholders in the process and decisions. Strategy is about power and we want to help you share it.
  • Holistic – Working with organisations often involves a number of areas of organisational life - governance, leadership, impact, and staff. We look at the whole organisation through our work and avoid silos.
  • Relationship driven – We build good, close relationships with staff, leaders and trustees. Organisations are personal – not technical – and we adopt a human approach to change and planning.

Our wider support

We run training courses on strategy development and business planning – at NCVO or in your organisation. NCVO members enjoy reduced rates on all our training courses.

Our support is based on our strategic publication, Tools for Tomorrow: A practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations (PDF, 240KB), which includes practical tools for use in your organisation.

Our free guidance on strategy, impact and organisational performance.

Contact us

Our consultants can offer advice on what support will be most effective for you. Do get in touch via our short enquiry form.

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